Kia's Journey: Products

Kia's Journey DVD     $15
This project obtains the highest recommendation
that I can give it based on its unique and classical
characters, it’s spiritual depth, its proper
timing, and its so much fun to watch.”

-Rodney Muhammad, D.O., Los Angeles, CA

Prayer card #1     $3
I say a prayer for you my friend
Please say a prayer for me
For when two or more pray in His name
An awesome prayer it will be.......

Prayer card number one $3

Prayer card #2     $3
"I saw an angel, in the air
Who said to remind you,
that God cares"

Prayer card number two $3

Prayer card #3     $3
"My Prayer
Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer
Let me know that you are there "

Prayer card number three $3

Glory Toys movie poster     $5

11X17 High Gloss Poster $5

Glory Toys Kids CD - $5

Glory Toys Kids CD - $5.00

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